What is the Average Salary of a Sports Agent?

As a sports agent, your salary will depend on the salaries of those you represent. Sports agents, in the vast majority of cases, work on commission, which means you’ll earn a percentage of your players’ salaries if you work in this field. You have the choice of working with multiple athletes and earning smaller commissions from each, or you can work with one or two mega-stars in the sports world and earn one big commission. Salary ranges are huge, since sports stars earn based on performance level, team, position, and more, but let’s take a look at what you can expect if you work as a sports agent.

Professional Sports Agents

The best case scenario for any sports agent is to have at least (and preferably several) athletes who are professional players. This is where sports stars make the most money, so you’ll make the biggest commission. Technically, any player who is paid to be on a sports team is a professional, but this term is usually saved for those in the top national leagues in their respective sports. Commission ranges for pro sports stars’ agents are as follows:

  • National Football League: $11,250 – $600,000
  • National Basketball Association: $9,460 – $1,120,000
  • Major League Baseball: $16,000 – $1,280,000
  • National Hockey League: $21,000 – $480,000
  • Major League Soccer: $1,304 – $260,000
  • English Football/Soccer Premier League: £1200 – £550,000
  • Mixed Martial Arts: $250-$75,000

As you can see, in general, you’ll make more money by working with stars in more popular sports.

Minor League Sports Agents

Most sports agents work with stars in both the professional level and minor level. “Minors” are leagues that typically don’t get national attention, so stars playing on these teams don’t get as much attention or make as much money. The great things about working with players at lower levels is that they often have longer careers and even move up to play on professional teams eventually as their skills develop (this is especially common in the MLB and NHL). Here are the commissions you can expect to earn for each player you have in the minor leagues:

  • Minor League Baseball: $1,000-$1,500
  • Minor League Hockey: $400 – $20,000
  • English Football League 1: £750 – £3,392
  • English Football League 2: £600 – £2480
  • National Basketball Development League: $1,000-$2,000

Sports Agent Salaries for Other Sports

You could be an agent for players in a number of other areas as well. Here are the commissions you can expect in some of these fields:

  • Canadian Football League: $1,290 – $15,000
  • Chinese Basketball Association: $2,500 – $200,000
  • Cricket: $1,000 – $120,000
  • Rugby: $1,00-60,000
  • Woman’s Basketball:  $2,600 – $5,175

Guide to Becoming a Sports Agent

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