How to Become a Sports Agent

How to Become a Sports Agent was created in 2010 and welcomes any and all sports lovers. My name is Dustin Shuller and I frequently update this site and the site’s blog. After realizing that my dream as a college athlete wass no longer an option, I started thinking about becoming a sports agent. While there were many programs out there spread out over the internet, I decided to compile a list of accessible programs onto this one site. I have found this career path to be extremely rewarding, and I hope that you find the perfect program that suits your specific needs.

How to Become a Sports Agent Blog

Besides listing the various degrees offered in this subject, I have compiled a list of Sports Agent informative sources. I hope that  more people become interested in this field, and in order to do that, I have created a blog. Please check back for the latest updates on the sports agent industry.


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