A Complete Overview of Working as a Sports Agent

Sports agents don’t have to worry about risking injury, keeping fans happy, or any other the other challenges that come with playing sports professionally, yet they still live that fast-paced world. It’s a great compromise for many who love sports and also have great business sense. But just what will you do on a daily basis as a sports agent? Here’s an overview of the job of a sports agent:

Contract Negotiation

You main job as a sports agent will be contract negotiation, which specifies how much money those you represent will make. You have a vested interest in this as well, since you’ll be paid on commission – a percentage of whatever contract amount you negotiate! There are two basic types of contracts you’ll negotiate. The first is a playing contract, which will be between the player and the team. These contracts usually span several years and include clauses that specify what will happen if the player is injured, performs particularly well, is involved in a championship game, performs poorly, and so forth. The second type of contract is the endorsement contract, which is typically only necessary for professional players at the top of their games. This kind of contract will be between a player and a brand that the player chooses to endorse by doing commercials, wearing specific clothing, and so forth. You’ll also need to make sure that the playing contract doesn’t have clauses that disallow anything in the endorsement contract.

Finding New Players

Part of your job as a sports agent, in many cases, will also require you to recruit new players. As players enter the professional arena, you’ll contact them to establish a relationship and work to convince them to sign with your company. In most cases, there are very strict laws about how you must go about doing this if the player is still in college, and these players can’t accept gifts. In some sports, you may also be able to recruit players out of high school or you may what to talk to players currently in the minor and professional systems who are unhappy with their current management system. This part of the job requires a lot of travel, as you’ll want to visit with players face-to-face.

Guide to Becoming a Sports Agent

Northcentral University – Northcentral's Master of Education in athletic administration is primarily for people who are interested coaching or athletic administration, but its application does cover a broader range than those careers. The PhD in athletic administration is a much more challenging degree that will enable students to plan, organize, and direct athletic programs.
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Liberty University – While the Master of Science in sport management does require a bachelor degree for enrollment, it is an excellent option for furthering your career since it can be completed in just two years. This program shows how social and ethical issues can impact the sports industry and explores the role that economics and law play.
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Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University is one of the largest Christian colleges in the nation offering online programs, like the BSBA degree in sports management. The program combines ethics and social issues facing the sports industry with key business management skills like critical thinking and decision making.
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Ohio University – Both sports management degrees from Ohio University are focused athletic administration, but they can be applied sports careers outside education like gyms, fitness and recreation. The first is a MS degree in athletic administration that builds upon the fundamentals of sport business. The MS degree in coaching education is for the aspiring sports coach students interested in directing athletic programs.
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Southern New Hampshire University – Southern New Hampshire University has a leading and well-respected position in online education with a record of helping students achieving their career goals. The Sports Management MS program is an excellent choice for students looking to become sports agents as the degree is geared towards developing the students understanding and business and management elements in the sports industry.
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